Tips To Help You Select The Right Curtain Fabric

Tips To Help You Select The Right Curtain Fabric

When it comes to home décor, Curtains are something which set the tone of the décor. Their importance is often neglected, but curtains do a lot more than keep the sunlight out. So a lot of emphasis should be given while selecting the ones best suited to your home.

While designing curtains, the first step is to select the fabric. A lot depends on it, as the fabric affects the drape, coverage and also the maintenance required for the curtains. If the fabric is not right, the whole look of the curtain could fall apart. If the fabric is too heavy, it could make the room feel drab, too light, and it may seem incomplete. Clarke & Clarke is the best place go to as they have a huge variety of designer fabric.

Starting with the tone, below are some important tips for you to consider while selecting the perfect curtain fabric according to your requirements.

  1. Setting the Tone

One of the first questions to be asked while designing or selecting the curtain, is, what the general setting of the room is. Setting the tone makes it easier to make fabric choices. Those opting for a formal look should go in for heavier fabrics such as velvet, heavy silk, jacquard, linens etc. Whereas, cottons, lighter weaves are ideal for an informal and more casual look.

  1. Coordinating With Existing Upholstery

Perhaps, there is a piece of furniture whose upholstery you really love. Or you really like the texture of your cushions. If so then one should definitely keep these things mind while selecting curtain fabric. This makes taking decisions easier, and also adds to the overlook décor of the room. These coordinating rules are applicable to every room of the house. In the bedroom, if there is a throw or bedspread which is a focal point of the room, the curtain fabric should be selected in coordination with the same.

  1. Textures

Apart from the print and colors, textures are also something which should be focused on. Along with the looks, a lot of functionality also depends on the texture of the curtains. For instance, if the window is small, thick textured curtains will over shadow the entire room. Thick textured fabrics are more suitable for large bay windows which provide a lot of natural light.

  1. Durability

All fabrics are prone to damage caused due to sun and pollution. But silks and satins rot very easily. Thus, if your window gets a lot of sunlight then one should avoid such fabrics. In such cases, fabrics like cotton and brocade should be used.

  1. Privacy

A good way to have privacy without compromising on view and natural light is to use sheer curtains. Sheer fabrics, such as cotton, net, linen etc offer great privacy without actually blocking the view. Using shimmers is an interesting way to opt for privacy while enhancing natural light. Shimmers are fabrics which have very little shine that attracts and reflects the existing light.

The selection of the right fabric for your curtains is quite easy if you keep the above tips in mind. It’s beautiful how when done right, curtains can highlight the entire room. The fun however is in trying!