This Winter, Let’s Keep Your Warmth Immaculate: Repairing and Cleaning Chimneys

This Winter, Let’s Keep Your Warmth Immaculate: Repairing and Cleaning Chimneys

Keeping your fireplace clean out is definitely something that’s recommended it’s something you should be doing every year before burning and if possible at the end of the season. After burning as well the more you clean up the easier it’s going to be to clean every time and it’s not just for creosote that you’re cleaning, this is also a good time that’s going to allow you to check for obstructions and make sure that you’re venting your appliance properly.

The chimney from the bottom up is a great alternative to cleaning chimneys. If you have a problem with getting on the roof, call the professional chimney repair service for better help. They’re going to allow you to use the entire flow of your chimney with cleaning and a brush and rod system set up from the bottom, which means you don’t have to be scared or you don’t have to worry about any injury by getting up on the roof.

If your doing the cleaning from your own what you will want to do with this is to make sure that you’re choosing a brush that is right for your specific chimney? Now you’ll do that by determining whether you have round, oval square flue and you want to take some measurements. If you’ve got round one that the diameter is going to be the size of your brush. Now you don’t want to choose a chimney brush that’s going to be too small and wobble around on the inside of your flute because that’s not going to be effective and it’s going to make the process of cleaning a lot harder as it’s not going to do what it’s supposed to do.

To make sure that you don’t have a brush that’s too large while we do want a nice snug fit while that brush slides down through the flue you don’t want it to be too hard because it’s going to make the job of cleaning your chimney too hard. The ideal brush is going to be about a quarter inch larger than the size of the inside of your flue so that as your brush is going down through the chimney it’s going to be able to scrape on all sides of the flue and knock that creosote and debris off from the inside. The next thing yet you’re going to need to do is make sure that you have enough rod length for your chimney. Brushes can have torque lock button light or button lock or standard threaded connections. When you’re inserting your brush, you have to go through your damper so what you want to do, from there it just going take a bit of effort but just push it on through up in there.

When you’re using the cleaning from the bottom up method you’ll want to put down some sort of drop cloth just to help keep the debris because we can’t close off the opening as easily with this method so having a drop down or drop cloth down is just going to help keep any of the debris from inside the fireplace off of your flooring. Once you’ve reached the top of your flute you, should have enough length hanging down and when you’ve got the brush up in there, give it a few goods passes by pushing the brush up into your flute and then pulling it back down so that you get a scraping sweeping up motion and a scraping sweeping down if you don’t have an ash bucket just scrape everything up till you’ve got your fireplace completely cleaned out.