Purple Flowers: Types and Pictures

Purple Flowers: Types and Pictures

The similarity of colours in various types of purple flowers often makes it hard for many people to differentiate these beautiful colours. It is ironical that many ladies love this flower colour and they know little about varying types that exist. Don’t worry. We are here to make it clear for you.

Generally, purple is pretty popular hue, with most common including aster and lavender. We have researched and compiled a list of ten popular types of purple flowers.

  1. Verbena


Verbena is a plant that gives rise to subtle purple blooms the entire summer. The flowers were traditionally used in floral arrangements.  The flower is so beautiful when dried.

  1. Lavender


This one is famous for its big, flowery scent. It is one of the most known flowers around the globe. The plant produces its seeds very fast, so it is advisable to keep trimming it back, so it doesn’t overgrow your garden. Even after drying, its scent remains fresh and fragrant. This makes it ideal for use in relaxation masks.

  1. Clematis

This flower grows luxuriously on huge stalks up to thirty feet tall. It is recommended you give it time, to a maximum of two years to grow before pruning it. Otherwise, the future growth is stunted. For the best outcome, cover the soil where the seeds are planted with tree bark and small flowers to keep the soil cool always.

  1. Bellflower


This beautiful flower with a bell-shaped bloom is the best option for your garden. While it grows well in purple and white varieties, purple is most preferred and common. It makes the best ground cover plant and still very ideal in window boxes.

  1. Balloon flower

The lilac shade blooms on this balloon flower are known as the best balloon shapes that are formed before the flower blossoms. If you want to grow this beautiful flower, exercise great concern and intellect when choosing the seeds as their names can be really confusing. Always opt for Astra blue or Fuji blue to make sure you have these super cute purple flowers at the end.

  1. Catmint


This is perfect flower for the gardeners with pet felines. Forget its grassy cousin, catnip, catmint grows beautiful bunches of purple flowers. They are ideal flowers for cutting, and you can give its leaves to your cat. What an exemplary way of making sure every part of this plant count!

  1. Allium

This is an excellent inclusion in your flower garden if you don’t like cute critters trying to destroy your plants and destroying everything in the garden. Deer are scared of these tall purple blooms and rodents will shun from digging up bulbs in your garden. Once its purple flowers are fully developed, they will do one important thing loved by all flower gardeners; they will attract butterflies and bees.